Valentines soaps

Well it's here again.  Valentine's Day!   I must admit I was not much of a Valentine's Day fan, until recently.  I have my favorite valentine now (my G) and a super fun creative outlet (S4E).  S4E has been great for my creativity.  We have been prepping for Valentine's Day for a couple of weeks now and are clearing out Christmas and Thanksgiving soaps.  

Mad Love is a wonderful sweet fun bar.  I love the scent Hello Sweet Thang, I've been trying to find a bar that would be perfect for this scent and I think this is it.  It makes me smile.  I wanted to put soapy Sweetheart candies on it but made fun flowers and hearts out of soap dough.  I've been messing around with making soap dough and have made cute little bears and carrots and flowers.  I am trying to perfect it.  I suppose as I continue it will get much better.  Time will tell.  

Strawberries and Champagne is a fun bar with a pink glycerin heart embed in the middle of it.  It's fun too and smells fruity bubbly!  

Sunset Orange is me trying to do Ombre' type soaps.  I did ok for the first batch and then added in a Clementine Cupcake scent which has a bit of vanilla in it to the next batch.  I found out again this way that anything with vanilla  in it will turn brown in cold process soaps. :/  Oh well.  I know what to do for the next batches!  It's super fun and I just love orange.  It's my favorite!

Mimosa is a blend of orange and champagne.  I made this last year for Mother's Day and will continue for Mother's Day this year.  I brought it out early this year because I thought it was fitting for a valentine also.:) 

I just love fruity soaps.  

Love to ya! Carolyn