Cherry Almond Soap just in time for Cove Cherry Fair...

Hi S4E friends!  We did it! We made Cherry Almond soap again!  This year they are a bit bigger because we got a new mold.  We are using one in our shower just to be sure they are perfect quality for ya.  

A good friend of mine smelled this bar, closed her eyes and said...this reminds me of that lotion we used to use in high school.  It does!  It smells very much like the scent of JXXXXXX lotion.  Ours is better though. ;) 

We will also have Cherry bath bombs and Cherry Almond lotion available.

We hope to see you all at The Cove Cherry Fair!  It's right outside La Grande and will be going on all day Saturday.  So if you need something to do, come on out and see us!